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About agentur ronzani:

The textile agency was founded in 1989 by my parents, Barbara and Piero Ronzani.

After completing my textile management studies at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, I, Sandra Ronzani, joined the team in 2006. This allowed me to immediately apply the acquired knowledge in practice, grow professionally, and gain the initial years of experience.

Between 2010 and 2015, I carried out projects outside the textile industry where I was able to learn a lot outside the usual paths. Enriched by these experiences, I returned in 2016 with the goal of continuing to lead the agency. In 2019, Barbara and Piero went into well-deserved retirement, and since then, I have been continuing to run the textile trading agency with the same passion for beautiful, functional, trendy fabrics.

The agency's product range is offering woven and knitted fabrics from Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and India. 

Additionally, a knitting specialist is part of the supplier pool, providing finished jersey and knitwear products with production in Italy and Tunisia.

The know-how of the creative minds behind the collections always offers the opportunity to respond to individual customer requests. The aim of every supplier in my portfolio is not only to provide creative input but also to offer customized solutions.

With my background in textile management, I possess the skills to serve as a link between the clothing manufacturer and my supplier, providing advice and assistance from both a product-technical and commercial perspective.  It is my drive and goal to create the best possible synergies and to ensure that the processes run together optimally.

Personal contact is the most important thing for me, so I am always flexible and promptly available for in-house appointments!

You can, of course, also find me at the trade fairs in Munich and Milan

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