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A vertically operating company based in the province of Biella.

The product range extends from woolen fabrics for jackets and suits to blended fabrics with and without Lycra. A particular strength of the collection is the newly interpreted jacket qualities for casual overshirts, unconstructed jackets, as well as coats and trench coats.

Not to forget the summer specialty: linen and linen blends in Delavé and Melange.

The continuous development of innovative fabrics and the evolution of craftsmanship excellence form the common thread that connects the past, present, and future. The completely verticalized production cycle ensures a 100% Italian product.

Particularly noteworthy are the natural qualities: wool (Lana Italiana) for winter and linen and hemp blends for summer, which have a long tradition at Bottoli and are integral to the company's DNA. Today more relevant than ever. 

Ciatti & Baroncelli, one of the most traditional family companies in Prato, specializes in fine woolen fabrics made from carded yarn for jackets, coats, and trousers, primarily for menswear.

Particular attention is given to finishing and maintaining a high level of flexibility and speed in customer-specific developments, as well as providing excellent customer service.


E. Thomas produces first-class fabrics of the highest quality, including valuable blends of wool with silk, the finest cashmere, mohair, and linen, each with unique properties.

The high quality of the products lies at the center of E. Thomas' almost 100-year success story.

Fortex was founded in 1963 with the idea of offering North European brands a fusion of the rug-recycling tradition with Italian fashion creativity.

In the following decades, other collections completed its range of products, such as the jerseys of "Knit" and the cottons of "Cotton Lab," which are now exported to over 44 countries.

From the beginning, Fortex has primarily worked with recycled materials, gathering extensive know-how in this area. That's why its fabrics are not only beautiful and innovative but also durable and eco-friendly.


Leading company in the Portuguese wool sector and one of the best European companies in worsted and woolen fabrics.
Equipped with solar collectors, which provide an important part of the energy consumption, and with its own WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant), Penteadora makes an important statement in terms of sustainable production.
GRS certification was recently achieved with the Re.Born program.


Textile division of Reliance Industries Limited, one of the largest Indian private companies with headquarters in Mumbai and production in Naroda.
The innumerable design and color combinations in light wool, polyester-wool, polyester-viscose and polyester-cotton fabrics are the result of constant and continuous product and design research.


Salgari is an Italian family company that combines the latest technology, years of experience, and a passion for product and design to tailor pullovers, jerseys, and sweatshirts according to customer requirements.

In recent years, Salgari has invested in its operating unit GRG oficina, focusing on "Made in Tunisia" with the goal of maintaining a high-quality standard at low costs.
Moreover, Salgari is dedicated to meeting the needs of customers who specifically seek "Made in Italy" by facilitating production in Italy.
Ultimately, the roots remain in Italy; that's where the heart of the company beats.